In Brief: Kawan Kasih Tumbuh

Kawan Kasih Tumbuh (Friends of Love & Growth) grows on love to build a self-reliant community by optimizing their own local resources. Through 3 main  missions, which are holistic education, economy, and discipleship.

KKT befriends children and parents in Kosarek District, Yahukimo and grow with  about 50 children and 30 families through 7 nearby churches as the only key  institutions in Kos.

Through this process, KKT envisions a group of youth who become community  initiator at their own village developing themselves and their environment’s to  its fullness.

You can help us through fund, prayer, and network for resource.

Who is KKT?

Kawan Kasih Tumbuh is husband and wife Zakharia Primaditya (Adit) and Putri Kitnas Inesia (Putri). Putri has been living and working for various NGOs in Papua since 2008, and Adit from 2011.

In the last 7 years, the couple worked as school teachers in Papua until in 2017, they found the calling to serve children in far more remote areas where schools are non-functioning or where the children have gone to town to seek employment. 

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Contact Us

  • Kosarek, Yahukimo regency, Papua, Indonesia
  • Adit:
  • Putri:
  • Adit: +6281224330500
  • Putri: +6281211651344