Kawan Kasih Tumbuh is husband and wife, Zakharia Primaditya (Adit) and Putri Kitnas Inesia (Putri).

Putri’s contact with Papua started when she worked for an NGO in Papua in 2008, and Adit in 2011. For the last 7 years, both Adit and Putri have been living and dedicating their lives as educators in Papua Highlands. In 2017, Adit and Putri found the calling to reach children in (more) remote and inaccessible areas where the schools do not function, kids don’t get formal education, and the villages are abandoned.

About Adit

  • Bachelor’s Degree in  International Relations Studies,  Parahyangan University 2003-2007
  • Relief Field Officer at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) during Aceh Tsunami operation, 2005 &  Yogyakarta Earthquake operation, 2007
  • Business & Training Coord Vocational Training Center – Wahana Visi Indonesia in Karubaga,Papua 2010-2012
  • Teacher, Principal, Teacher Trainer at Ob Anggen School Bokondini 2012-2017

About Putri

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies University of Indonesia 2002-2006
  • Master’s Degree in Peace, Development, Security, International Conflict Transformation – Universitat Innsbruck, Austria 2013-2016
  • Sponsorship Planning & Monitoring Officer Region Papua – World Vision Indonesia, Papua 2008-2012
  • Planning Monitoring Evaluation Officer GF Project – Indonesian Planned Parenthood Federation 2012
  • Support Specialist to Expert on Conflict Resolution – BP-REDD UNDP 2014
  • Teacher, Human Resource, and Curriculum Trainer of Ob Anggen School, Bokondini, Papua 2015-2017