The Chosen District

Kosarek (Yahukimo Regency)

  • Consists of 4 dusun: Wahaldak, Wahe, Sirikasi, and Nohomas. 
  • +/- 300 families with 500 children. 
  • Target of 1st & 2nd phase mentoring: +/- 50 children, 30 families
  • 1 Elementary School Building (inactive)
  • 1 Middle School Building (inactive)
  • 1 Hospital (inactive)
  • 100% Protestant Christians, GKI (Presbyterian) denomination
  • 7 days by foot from Wamena, 30 minutes by single propeller flight (mission planes) from Sentani. 
  • Currently receiving a MEK language literacy program from SIL Bible Translator


Off We Go!

Adit and Putri left for Sentani, Papua on August 2018, and the first thing they did was touch base and make final adjustments to their plan of mission with some young representatives and the church living in Sentani. 

On the first few weeks, they prepared logistics they need to take to the village and finally in October 2018, they flew and safely landed in Kosarek. 

In Kosarek, Putri and Adit will have no internet access, other than the occasional written messages they will send through the mission pilots who will come around once every three months. 

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